Mindful Caring

Delivering better quality care and improving patient outcomes. 

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What is Mindful Caring?

We help healthcare providers to implement a Mindfulness Program so they can deliver better quality care and improve patient outcomes.

What is a Mindful Caring Company?

A Mindful Caring Company is an organization committed to training their team on how to use mindfulness practices at work. 

What is a Mindful Caring Provider?

A Mindful Caring Provider is a certified Mindful Caring Company that brings  mindfulness practices to their clients and their community.

Your Compassionate Advantage

Mindfulness at work practices can help to reduce stress, increase focus, and cultivate compassion to enhance the well-being of your team so they deliver better quality care.

Your Competitive Advantage

Research studies report that mindfulness at work tools result in enhanced productivity, lower absenteeism and turnover, and heightened engagement; all positively impacting your bottomline profitability.

"During the day it resets my compass. I go from overwhelmed or challenged to feeling better emotional energy. Mindful Caring has helped me to be more purposeful in my listening and ensure I read the other person’s emotions as well as hear what they are saying. It's important others feel that I value them and what they are saying."

President and Owner

"It allows me awareness, flexibility and attention to the task at hand. It slows down my need to rush and to prioritize what is crucial at that moment. "

Director of Nursing

"I experience a sense of calm. I am more in tune to my environment and surroundings and I am able to make more sound decisions. "

Human Resources

"I practice when my mind starts to feel overcrowded with thoughts. When I feel better about myself, I act with more patience and kindness. "


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