Webinar with Gere Consulting

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

In this webinar, Anne-Lise Gere, of Gere Consulting Associates, hosts Dr. Laurel Geise on a webinar about Mindful Caring: Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Mindfulness is proven to deliver better quality care and improve patient outcomes.

Mindful Caring provides training on mindfulness practices and certification to organizations interested in rolling out those practices.

Combining 30 years as an executive in Fortune 500 companies and 23 years as a mindfulness trainer, Laurel is a leader in the mindfulness at work movement.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Experience a mindfulness practice
  2. Understand how mindfulness supports a healthier workplace for caregivers and staff
  3. Learn how mindful caring can improve patient outcomes and employee retention
  4. Come with your questions about mindfulness at work for a chance to get answers from Dr. Geise herself
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Brain Training Exercise with Premier Cadbury at Cherry Hill

On March 21st, Mindful Caring Co-Founder Dr. Larel Geise presented a Brain Training Exercise with the community of Premier Cadbury at Cherry Hill.

The event was in service to The Institute for Dignity and Grace


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How To Get Started With Mindfulness and Meditation: MC Podcast 002

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In this week's episode of The Mindful Caring podcast, Dr. Laurel Geise and Nick Bonitatibus discuss the many benefits of introducing mediation practices into your daily routine. Also, Laurel explains how to get started and teaches a 3-minute mindfulness practice.

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The Mindful Caring Podcast: Pilot

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Co-Founder of Mindful Caring, Dr. Laurel Geise, is joined by co-host Nick Bonitatibus as they dive into what is mindful caring, how did it originate, the benefits of mindfulness in the healthcare industry and much more!! Enjoy!!

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Mindful Caring: Helping healthcare companies deliver better quality care and improve patient outcomes

mindful caring Aug 10, 2018

Mindful Caring was Co-founded in October 2016 by Dr. Laurel Geise and Steve "The Hurricane" Weiss with the mission of helping healthcare companies deliver better quality care and improve patient outcomes. 

What is Mindful Caring?

Mindful Caring is a Mindfulness at Work Program specifically designed for a Health Care business.  By bringing simple mindfulness practices into your workday, it will benefit you, your team and your patients.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning to pay attention in a very specific way so you are more aware of your moment-to-moment actions.

Simple tools combined with daily practice can result in lower stress, increased focus, and productivity as well as enhanced overall well-being.

 With just a few minutes of practice a day, you can rewire your brain to bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing and take back full control of your attention. Consider it brain training so you can handle more with less stress.


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